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InDesign Scripting & GREP Resources

Online resources

Typefi Community scripting forum

For questions and discussion about this webinar series and other Typefi-related scripting issues.

Adobe scripting forum

Useful for general (non-Typefi-related) scripting queries.

Typefi’s InDesign ExtendScript API

An alternative to the Object Model Viewer found in the ExtendScript Toolkit. It’s based on Jongware’s popular viewer, and contains Typefi’s DOM additions.

Get a grip on GREP

A series of Peter Kahrel’s articles from InDesign Magazine, including the March 2014 feature Getting a grip on GREP, and six ‘GREP of the Month’ tips.


There are remarkably few titles on InDesign scripting. Three of the books listed here have old InDesign versions in their titles, but the changes in InDesign scripting are about additions to the program, not about the nature of scripting, so all titles are still relevant for the latest versions of InDesign.

GREP in InDesign (3rd edition)

The industry “bible” for using GREP in Adobe InDesign! Learn the ins and outs of this powerful tool, from finding text patterns to automatically applying formatting throughout your document. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, this in-depth tutorial will give you the tools to supercharge your work.

Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript

A beginner’s guide. Contains a section on how to tackle InDesign’s object model, and a rudimentary beginner’s guide on JavaScript. It has CS3/4 in its title but it was updated for CS5, and it is still good for the latest InDesign versions.

InDesign CS5 Automation Using XML & JavaScript

Excellent book on scripting InDesign. It has CS5 in its title but it is still relevant for the latest InDesign versions.

InDesign automatisieren: Keine Angst vor Skripting, GREP & Co.

Excellent book on scripting InDesign and InDesign’s GREP. In German.

Automating Adobe InDesign CS4 with ExtendScript

Like the other titles, above, this one, too, has an old InDesign version in its title. And like the other titles, it’s still relevant for the latest InDesign versions.