Typefi Workgroup


Typefi Workgroup: Flexible, blazingly fast and built to easily handle complex content!

Typefi Workgroup is an on-premises enterprise platform designed for larger publishers, businesses and corporations. Whether you’re implementing an automated publishing system for a team or an entire organisation, Typefi Workgroup is ready to grow with you!

  • Eliminate redundancy, improve accuracy, and decrease use of outdated information to provide higher-value content.
  • Work closer to deadlines while speeding time to market by 50%–80% without sacrificing design quality.
  • Facilitate collaboration between authors, editors and production staff.
  • Assemble, share, repurpose and publish content while maintaining consistent branding and messaging.
  • Manage content life cycle with automatic version control, library services (check-in/out), and auditing.
  • Expand your reach with robust support for accessibility and multilingual publishing.
  • Enjoy seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign.
  • Integrate with your Content Management System and other third party products.
  • Process an unlimited volume of pages, books, articles and documents.
  • Easily scale your solution by adding new engines to increase production capacity in minutes.

Typefi Workgroup comes with a standard set of optional modules for advanced composition needs, such as paragraph “keep” rules, conditional spacing, overset text detection, table alignment and spacing, mathematical equations, NLM/JATS import, and indexing.

Manage Typefi Workgroup your way.

Purchase licenses for as many users as you need, grant remote access to users through a mobile-friendly web-based interface, and manage access privileges on a user-by-user basis.

Typefi Workgroup is easy to install and configure across Windows and Macintosh operating systems for servers and desktops. Typefi easily integrates with your existing infrastructure, streamlining complex workflows
and making everyday publishing tasks infinitely more productive.

If your needs are more specific and specialised, we’ll tailor Typefi to suit and develop your desired
customisations so you don’t have to.

Typefi’s Professional Services team will provide as much support as you need, from developing and implementing your initial solution through to building advanced customisations and conducting expert-level training.

Typefi Workgroup brochure cover

Typefi Workgroup brochure

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No matter what sort of publishing you do, Typefi Workgroup will help you DO MORE.

We know that no two publishers are the same, so we’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and tailor Typefi Workgroup to suit your requirements for maximum publishing speed and efficiency.

Start by telling us a bit about your publishing needs!

Is Typefi Workgroup not quite what you’re looking for? Check out our single-user desktop solution, Typefi Desktop or, if you’d prefer a hosted cloud-based solution, Typefi Cloud could be the answer.

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