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Typefi Cloud: Hassle-free automated publishing!

Typefi Cloud makes content automation for print, online and mobile faster and easier than ever before! It’s infinitely scalable and, better still, comes with a library of powerful workflow actions built right in to automate the things you do every day.

You can access Typefi Cloud from anywhere using our intuitive web-based platform. All the infrastructure is fully managed by us so there are no maintenance hassles for you to deal with.

With Typefi Cloud, you can still create your content and develop your designs in your usual working environment. When you’re ready to publish, just upload your files to Typefi’s secure cloud-based server and, with a single click, run your job. You’ll get a finished product in as little as a few seconds.


We’ve had really good success with Typefi Cloud. We’ve been able to publish 3 textbooks in a new system in 6 months. That’s no small feat.

Abram Fassler

Publishing Systems Manager

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

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Choose a Typefi Cloud package that suits you

Typefi has two cloud options to choose from, depending on your needs: Typefi Teams and Typefi Enterprise.

Typefi Teams

Typefi Teams is a multi-tiered plan—ideal for smaller teams—and provides a cost-effective way to improve production efficiency.

2-50 users

1K-10K pages per month

Shared Typefi & InDesign servers

30-day parallel production licence

500GB storage (upgradable)

Starting at $1,000 USD per month

We’ll work with you to determine how many users and pages per month you require, then set you up with the tier that fits you best.

Typefi Teams always supports the two most current versions of InDesign and Typefi. It is automatically upgraded with each new release of Typefi and InDesign.

New versions of Typefi and InDesign are deployed to production within 90 days of release. You’ll get access to a free 30-day parallel production licence to test your workflows before any forced upgrade.

Additional Features

  • Pre-bundled with Typefi’s most popular optional modules including conditional keeps, conditional spacing and overset detection
  • Includes free licences of Typefitter Professional

Tier Options

Product Level Pages Per Month Pages Per Year Users
Typefi Teams 6K 500 6,000 1
Typefi Teams 12K 1,000 12,000 2
Typefi Teams 24K 2,000 24,000 5
Typefi Teams 60K 5,000 60,000 20
Typefi Teams 120K 10,000 120,000 50

Typefi Enterprise

Typefi Enterprise is the flagship Typefi Cloud plan—ideal for larger teams—that gives you full control over your upgrade cycle.

Unlimited users

Unlimited pages per month

Dedicated Typefi & InDesign servers

60-day parallel production licence

1TB storage (upgradable)

Pricing available on request

With unlimited users and pages per month, you have all the bandwidth you need to handle demanding production schedules.

Typefi Enterprise always supports the two most current versions of InDesign and Typefi. To comply with Typefi Enterprise requirements, you must use a supported version of each software.

If you prefer to use older software, you can add Legacy Software Support for an additional fee. This option gives you full control over which Typefi and InDesign versions you work with.

New integrations are normally provisioned with the most recent versions of InDesign and Typefi, but you may choose the immediately previous versions if that is better for you. You’ll get access to a free 60-day parallel production licence to test your workflows before any software upgrades are finalised.

Additional Features

  • 10-day rolling backup window with daily backups
  • Allows deployment of customer-developed scripts and actions
  • Easy integration with third-party file synchronisation solutions like Dropbox, OneDrive and AeroFS

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Quick and easy setup

Implementing Typefi Cloud is straightforward and quick—you can be up and running in no time. We can even set up your InDesign templates and automated workflows for you, so all you need to do is add your content!

Typefi’s Professional Services team will support you every step of the way, from developing and implementing your initial solution through to building advanced customisations and conducting expert-level training.

If your needs are more specialised, our team can tailor Typefi to suit your specific requirements. We’ll do all the customisation work so you don’t have to.


Typefi Cloud permits rapid production of multiple and voluminous products on a timescale that was inconceivable before.

Roddy McKinnon

Publishing Manager

International Social Security Association

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