Standards Cloud

The fastest and easiest way to adopt ISO standards!

Standards Cloud

Standards Cloud is the fastest and easiest way for National Standards Bodies to create ISO adoptions!

This fully web-based platform enables NSBs to produce professional standards adoptions using the same technology and source XML that ISO uses—no technical or typesetting expertise needed.

Standards Cloud is completely free of charge for your first 50 ISO standards adoptions.

Key features and benefits

  • Wrap ISO content with your own customised front and back matter to create a seamless national standard
  • Generate standards adoptions in multiple formats (print PDF, accessible PDF, EPUB, DAISY) at the click of a button
  • Enjoy all the benefits of XML—automatic page-numbering, hyperlinks, table of contents, accessibility, live linking of cross-references and citations, and more—without requiring technical knowledge

Powerful administrator options

Standards Cloud’s user interface is clean and simple, and offers some basic customisation options such as the ability to add your NSB’s name and logo, and to rename form fields in your preferred language.

Standards Cloud also includes a range of features that allow you to efficiently manage your users, and to guide them into entering the correct information.

  • Add an unlimited number of users and manage their roles and permissions
  • Enter and manage your own standards metadata
  • Control which form fields users see
  • Pre-fill fields as required
  • Add explanatory notes to fields to guide user input
  • Track the progress and status of your team’s adoptions in one place

Your first 50 standards adoptions are free!

All National Standards Bodies can create up to 50 ISO standard adoptions for free using Standards Cloud. The free package includes:

  • A custom template for your standards adoptions, created by Typefi’s Professional Services team based on samples you provide
  • Up to 10 custom front and back matter sections, including covers
  • Direct access to the core technology and source XML that ISO uses to publish its global standards
  • No expiry date on the free package

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