Standards Cloud

The fastest and easiest way to adopt ISO standards!

Create professional ISO adoptions in minutes with Standards Cloud!

Standards Cloud is a fully web-based platform that enables National Standards Bodies to produce high-quality standard adoptions using the same technology and source XML that ISO uses—no technical or typesetting expertise needed.

If you’re an ISO member organisation, creating your first 50 ISO adoptions with Standards Cloud is completely free of charge.

Adopt an ISO standard in three easy steps

All you need to create high-quality ISO adoptions is a computer with an internet connection.

  1. Upload the ISO ZIP package to Standards Cloud.
  2. Enter your national metadata in the Standards Cloud user interface.
  3. Click Publish!

Standards Cloud wraps ISO content with your organisation’s customised front and back matter to create a seamless national standard ready for distribution in just minutes!

A user-friendly online platform

Standards Cloud automatically combines ISO source XML and your national metadata in every standard adoption you publish, ensuring your PDFs will be searchable, shareable, accessible, and perfectly designed.

You’ll also enjoy all the additional benefits of an XML workflow, such as auto page-numbering, hyperlinks, tables of contents, and live linking of cross references and citations—no technical knowledge required!

The user interface is simple and intuitive, and can be set to English, French or Spanish with a click.

Powerful administrator options

Typefi offers free administrator training for all ISO members to get you up and running in Standards Cloud.

You’ll learn how to set up your adoption process and take advantage of the full range of administrator functions available, including managing user permissions, customising the user interface (UI), and setting up national metadata fields.

Feature Administrator Regular user
Add and delete regular users Yes No
Add your organisation’s logo to the UI Yes No
Localise the UI in English, French, or Spanish Yes No
Add, delete, lock, autofill, and edit metadata fields Yes No
Add explanatory notes to metadata fields to guide input Yes No
Change the order of custom front and back matter sections Yes No
Upload ISO ZIP files Yes Yes
Input national body metadata and other custom content Yes Yes
Publish ISO standard adoptions Yes Yes
Track the progress and status of your team’s adoptions in one place Yes Yes
Delete adoptions Yes No
View Typefi Support articles Yes Yes
Submit support requests Yes No

Free package for all ISO members

ISO member organisations can produce up to 50 ISO standard adoptions for free! There is no expiry on the free package, which includes:

  • A custom template for your standards adoptions, created by Typefi’s Professional Services team based on samples you provide;
  • Up to 10 custom front and back matter sections, including covers;
  • Direct access to the core technology and source XML that ISO uses to publish its international standards;
  • Comprehensive user documentation and forum-based support.

Is Standards Cloud right for you?

Standards Cloud is just one part of a suite of solutions that Typefi offers to help standards publishers around the globe DO MORE.

Feature Standards
Online only (no installation) Yes No No No
Free for ISO members Yes No No No
One free custom template creation Yes No No No
Faster than manual publishing Yes Yes Yes Yes
XML input ISO standards only All source XML accepted All source XML accepted All source XML accepted
Print and digital outputs PDF only 30+ outputs 30+ outputs 30+ outputs
Accessible PDF publishing Yes Yes Yes Yes
ISO standards adoption publishing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non-ISO standards adoption publishing No Yes Yes Yes
Advanced customisation options No Yes Yes Yes
Suitable for enterprise No No Yes Yes

If you’d like more detail on how Standards Cloud works, check out the Standards Cloud FAQ at Typefi Support, or watch this demo video.

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