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Typefi Cloud

Enjoy all the advantages of Typefi Publish and Typefi Publish NLM on a hosted server solution.

Focus on publishing, not infrastructure

Typefi Cloud lets you manage your publications while we look after the infrastructure. We host the server running the Typefi Publish Engine, and you look after the content and the design on your user desktops. Your files are stored and backed up on the server, and available for you to download for preview and delivery. All you need to do is work out how many users and projects you have so that we can provide you with the right hosted service.

Not all service needs are the same

That’s why Typefi Cloud offers different levels of service. You choose the service according to the number of users you have – from 1 user to unlimited users – as well as by the number of different publishing projects needed and the intensity of your page output.

Publish as often and in as many formats as you need – for one project or many

With Typefi Cloud, a publishing project is defined by your content structure. You can use different style templates and output (job) options from within the one project to publish that content to print, accessible PDF, ePub and so on. If you publish different types of content with completely different structures – for example, textbooks, sales brochures and journals – then you will probably need more than one project.

See our feature list below, or talk to one of our sales team about which service is right for you.

Spread your publishing costs out over the year

Typefi Cloud is offered as a monthly subscription service, so you can manage your cash flow.

Service features

  • From 1 user to unlimited users, with managed access privileges
  • From 1 project to unlimited projects
  • Unlimited templates
  • Shared or dedicated servers, with storage starting at 50 GB
  • Daily backups with a 30-day rolling window
  • Formats include Print PDF, Web PDF, EPUB as standard outputs
  • Optional modules and extensions
  • Support includes font installation, module configuration, and restore from back-up.

Typefi Cloud is offered as Typefi Cloud Bronze and Typefi Cloud Gold.

Typefi Cloud Bronze

Shared servers in the following packages:

Product Name PPM* PPY* # Projects # Users**
Typefi Cloud Bronze 12K 1,000 12,000 2 2
Typefi Cloud Bronze 24K 2,000 25,000 5 5
Typefi Cloud Bronze 60K 5,000 60,000 20 20
Typefi Cloud Bronze 120K 10,000 120,000 50 50

* PPM = Pages Per Month. PPY = Pages Per Year. PPM is an average measured on PPY. 
** Users = Named User Accounts and/or Typefi Client licences

All packages include server access, configuration and support, all modules except for import modules (for using content in NLM, DITA, DocBook, SPL etc). A limited number of Typefi Writer and Typefi Designer licences are included based on the purchased package. Third-party extensions, eg Typefitter Pro, are licensed separately.

Typefi Cloud Gold

Dedicated server with unlimited numbers of users and pages, full support and all modules. For Typefi Cloud Gold the customer must licence Typefi Publish Workgroup and any relevant modules either as a perpetual or subscription license.

Which Typefi Cloud service? 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to find out which Typefi Cloud service suits your budget and production needs.