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Typefi Publish

The efficiencies of automation ... the impact of beautiful design ... the scalability of XML ... the flexibility of multi-format and multi-language publishing from a single source ... the security of professional support from industry experts — Typefi® Publish does it all.

What do you want from a publishing system?

A system that makes life easier, not harder

No more manual composition. Automated application of styles and branding. Built-in version and quality control. Flexible workflows. Faster production cycles with instant review and feedback. Familiar working environments. Sure sounds easier. That’s because Typefi Publish is all about making publishing processes smoother and more productive.

Proven technology built on industry standards

From household names to niche publishers, our customers have tried and tested Typefi Publish in the toughest labs: the marketplace.

Industry standards are at the heart of Typefi Publish. We built it on authoring tools used regularly: Microsoft® Word, Inera® eXtyles, and other standard XML-editors. We chose the design software that professionals choose – Adobe® InDesign – to drive layout and design. We support industry-standard XML-DTDs: NLM, DITA, DocBooks, EPUB and DAISY. We also help publishers meet international accessibility standards as mandated by the United Nations.

A scalable solution that can handle multiple formats

Print publishing, web publishing, ebooks, PDFs, custom or specific XML formats – Typefi Publish can handle it all. What’s more, you can do all this from a single source at the press of a button. Now that’s scalable.

Software that fits with current systems and processes

Typefi Publish plugs into widely-used tools such as Word, is run on standard PC and Mac desktops and servers, and is accessed via a web browser interface. Its core XML architecture means it is easily integrated with existing CMS and other systems.

Find out more about the full range of Typefi Publish products, our partners and our customers, and the solutions we offer. Contact us today.