Automated copy-fitting for Adobe InDesign CC.

Typefitter panel in InDesign showing that Typefitter has found a paragraph with a runt that is four characters long

Typography is both art and sci-

Typefitter is an automated copy-fitting plug-in that seamlessly integrates into Adobe InDesign. Use it to manually tighten or loosen text, or automatically find and fix overset text, short lines, unbalanced columns, and more.

Easy to learn and use.

The simple Typefitter panel lets you find and fix problems in your text automatically.

Copy fit without compromising typography.

Typefitter’s algorithms search for the smallest possible change that fits your text.

Create and edit custom typefit rules.

Adjust which text and attributes are modified, and set limits on how much Typefitter can change.

Track your progress.

Typefitter tracks all changes and highlights modified text, so you can easily remove changes where required.

Typefitting text has never been so quick, simple, or effective!

Typefitter is the perfect copy-fitting plug-in for Adobe InDesign. It can also be used with our automated publishing platform, Typefi Cloud or Typefi 8. Download a free trial of Typefitter today!

Product Licence Price
Typefitter for InDesign CS6 Perpetual Free Get
Typefitter for InDesign CC Annual plan, paid monthly US$4.99/month Buy now
Annual plan, paid yearly US$59.88/year Buy now

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Latest Build: (16 August 2017)