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Webinar recording: What’s new at Typefi (August 2017)

Join Caleb Clauset, Typefi VP Product, for a demo of Typefi’s newest features and to find out what’s coming up next!

Slides & Notes (PDF)
00:00 Introduction
02:20 Updates to the Typefitter plug-in for Adobe InDesign
03:15 Transitioning to Creative Cloud
04:25 Product support life cycle (see Typefi Support for more detail)
05:30 Typefi product roadmap
06:56 Demonstration of Extensis FontLink integration
11:01 Typefi Writer updates
  • A refreshed user interface
  • Demonstration of new tools for inserting and managing audio and video media elements
  • Demonstration of embedding Microsoft Excel worksheets
20:08 Other updates in Typefi 8.3
  • New and improved workflow variables
  • Enhanced accessibility (title and language) in Export to PDF
  • Toggle fields ON/OFF for Edit Metadata
  • Sortable columns in Files view
  • ¿Hablas español? Typefi is now localised in Spanish
  • And more…
25:00 Looking forward
  • Typefi Preflight—flag (and even fix) potential problems with your template before you check it into Typefi
  • Content XML 3.1 enhancements
  • Redesigned files input—multi-file selection with drag-and-drop reordering and support for workflow variables
  • Typefitter 5—machine learning and enhanced copy-fitting
  • Schematron—a lightweight ‘fact checker’ for XML
  • Roles—define user- and group-based roles for enhanced access control
32:25 Q&A

Caleb Clauset, VP Product at Typefi

Caleb Clauset

Vice President Product | US

Caleb drives the vision and strategy for Typefi’s products, and cultivates strategic partnerships with developers to extend Typefi’s core capabilities.

He is an award-winning designer and Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign with over a decade’s experience designing, developing and implementing publishing technology. He holds a Master of Graphic Design from North Carolina State University and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Thanks for watching! If you have questions about anything in this presentation, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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