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Typefitter and AutoFit for CC 2018

Typefi is happy to announce that Typefitter 4.0.3 and AutoFit 8.4 are now available, and support the October 2017 release of InDesign CC (v13.x).

Both plug-ins also have a refreshed user interface with updated icons for high-resolution (HiDPI) or Retina displays, and improvements to the Spanish localisation.

Icon for Typefitter, a copy-fitting plug-in for Adobe InDesign


This is a free update for all Typefitter CC subscribers. After downloading the latest installer from, quit InDesign and run the installer.

Activation shouldn’t be necessary, unless you previously purchased Typefitter through Teacup Software (prior to 1 January 2016) and haven’t requested a new activation key from Typefi.

View the Typefitter 4.0.3 release notes.

Icon for Typefi AutoFit, a free plug-in for Adobe InDesign


If you’ve previously registered for AutoFit and saved your registration email, click the download link in that email to gain access to the latest installer. If you no longer have the email, please re-register at

After downloading the installer, ensure that you’ve quit InDesign before running it.

View the AutoFit 8.4 release notes.


If you encounter problems, it may be related to preferences having been copied from a previous version of InDesign (this is the default behaviour for Creative Cloud updates). Please follow these steps from Adobe for resetting your InDesign preferences and starting again. If that doesn’t resolve it, or you need activation assistance, please let us know.

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We’re currently compiling testimonials about Typefitter and AutoFit to add to the Typefi website. If you’d like to be involved, you can submit your testimonial below. Thanks!

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