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Accelerate styling with Typefi Writer 64-bit edition!

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Typefi Writer 8.7.0 for the 64-bit version of Microsoft Word!

More than two years in the making, our engineering team has completely rewritten this version of Typefi Writer from the ground up to be compatible with modern 64-bit applications.

As the tech industry moves towards universal adoption of 64-bit processing, this update brings Typefi Writer into line with current technology and offers a level of future-proofing for Typefi Writer publishing workflows.

Typefi Writer users will feel right at home, as the 64-bit edition offers the same user interface as Typefi Writer 8.7.0 for the 32-bit version of Word, with the addition of one major new feature—floating style panels.

Apply Typefi paragraph and character styles faster!

The 64-bit edition of Writer was written using the C# .NET programming language instead of Visual Basic. This meant our developers were able to float the Typefi paragraph and character style panels—something that simply wasn’t possible before.

This new feature dramatically speeds up the application of Typefi paragraph and character styles, and greatly reduces potential for tagging errors! See how it works in this short demo video.

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Stats and congrats

The project to update Typefi Writer to a 64-bit version commenced in June 2018.

“This was a major, multi-year project—a total rewrite from scratch of a complex product in a new language,” said Ben Hauser, Typefi VP Engineering. “Typefi team members logged a whopping three years and three months of human effort to deliver the product we’re launching today.”


person weeks


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awesome work

Congratulations to our Typefi Writer engineers, Apsara Abeysiriwardana (team lead) and Ramesh Perera, and all the other Typefi developers past and present who contributed to this project! 

We’d also like to acknowledge the incredible effort of Typefi’s Quality Assurance and Product teams—Andrew Bates, Nuwan Perera, Uthpali Dissanayake, Guy van der Kolk, and Caleb Clauset. 

Ramesh and Apsara sit smiling on a couch in Typefi's Colombo office
Typefi Writer engineers Ramesh Perera and Apsara Abeysiriwardana.

About Typefi Writer

Typefi Writer is Microsoft Word add-in that makes it easy for authors and editors to create and publish structured content through Typefi’s automated publishing platform—no XML or Adobe InDesign knowledge required!

Step 1: Attach a prepared Typefi workflow to a Word document

Typefi workflows are made up of one or more actions that perform a sequence of tasks to automatically generate output.

Once a workflow is attached to a Word document with Typefi Writer, Typefi feeds style information from the workflow’s linked Adobe InDesign template directly into the document.

Step 2: Apply structural markup and add layout elements

The author or editor uses Typefi Writer to:

  • Apply structured formatting markup to the document using the pre-defined styles set up in the InDesign template, without ever having to access Adobe InDesign itself;
  • Insert or link elements such as images, textboxes, multimedia, and tables;
  • Choose how elements will appear in the final output, using options established by the InDesign template designer;
  • Insert cross-references, conditional text, hyperlinks, metadata, index items, tables of contents, and more.

Step 3: Click Publish! 

Typefi runs the workflow using the Typefi Writer document and linked assets as input, automatically creating publications in whatever formats the workflow specifies.

Typefi Writer workflows often include a step that returns the finished product directly to the author or editor, so they can see what the publication will look like in its final form and make any required changes to the content before running the workflow again.

Learn more about Typefi Writer 64-bit

Detailed information about the 64-bit and 32-bit editions of Typefi Writer 8.7.0 can be found at Typefi Support.

If you’re not yet a Typefi customer and would like to see Typefi Writer in action, contact us to arrange a free demo.

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