2017 Typefi User Conference Presentations


Caleb Clauset, Typefi

Typefi product update

Caleb Clauset
Vice President Product, Typefi

Caleb drives the vision and strategy for Typefi’s products, and cultivates strategic partnerships with developers to extend Typefi’s core capabilities. He is an award-winning designer and Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign with over a decade’s experience designing, developing and implementing publishing technology.

In this presentation, Caleb outlines product updates and changes from the last 12 months, and offers a glimpse of what users can expect to see in the coming year.

00:00 AutoFit
The free version of AutoFit for Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud is now available.
01:24 Typefitter
Typefitter for InDesign CS6 is now available as a free download! Includes a five-minute Typefitter demo (commencing 2:33) by Typefi Solutions Consultant Jamie Brinkman.
08:00 Extensis FontLink
Typefi and Extensis have partnered to eliminate font challenges for Typefi users! Typefi’s new ‘Gather Font’ action integrates with Extensis FontLink to deliver the correct fonts for your document, every time.
13:25 Sunset for CS6
Adobe stopped sales of Creative Suite 6 on 9 January 2017. Typefi will end-of-life its CS6 solutions after 31 October 2017.
14:27 New features in Typefi 8
New features since the launch of Typefi 8.1 include: Content XML 3 (incorporating the addition of video and audio media elements); the ability to use local files; enhanced workflow variables including an ‘input:first‘ variable and the ability to use project fields; the ability to define PDF crop options; a Modify DOCX workflow; and support for both macOS Sierra and InDesign CC 2017. Typefi’s next release, Typefi 8.2.3, is localised for Spanish!
23:06 What’s next?
Typefi will conduct regular quarterly releases of patches and updates. New Typefi features coming soon include: The ability to embed Microsoft Excel spreadsheets within a Writer file; CXML 3.1, including a tag which will allow you to embed additional metadata within Content XML and InDesign documents, and a tag which will generate a context-aware table of contents or list; a redesigned Files input; the ability to swap out native InDesign cross-references for third-party alternatives such as DTP Tools; a Schematron workflow action which will ‘fact-check’ XML documents; and more! Includes a demo at 34:18 of an online editor for InDesign documents—no plugins, no markup required.

Jane Musser, VP Production at Avalon Travel

Typefi for book publishing: A case study from Avalon Travel

Jane Musser
Vice President of Production, Avalon Travel, Hachette Book Group

Jane Musser is Vice President of Production for Avalon Travel, publisher of the Rick Steves and Moon guidebook series. Avalon Travel implemented Typefi in 2011, and the production team has continually worked on improving its Typefi workflows over the past six years.

In this presentation, Jane provides some background on each series, including aspects of production that are unique to each, and talks about how Typefi’s technical solutions—particularly XSLT transforms and InDesign scripts—have helped Avalon Travel realise significant time-savings, even in a nontechnical industry with nontechnical users.

“It’s a much more simple process and infinitely more streamlined. Ultimately, it has given us more capacity in the production department to expand and grow our lists.”

Ben Hauser, Typefi

Customising Typefi

Ben Hauser
Vice President Engineering, Typefi

Ben joined Typefi as a software engineer in 2003 and became Vice President Engineering in 2011. He now manages Typefi’s engineering team and is responsible for Typefi’s product architecture.

In this presentation, Ben introduces Typefi’s global engineering team and outlines how they go about their work. He then demonstrates how Typefi can be customised—using InDesign event scripts to automate design tasks and save time, creating workflow actions using the Typefi SDK, and integrating third-party software apps via the the Typefi API—using the production of Typefi’s technical documentation as an example.

Patrick Baker, Stilo

Introducing AuthorBridge: A partner update from Stilo

Patrick Baker
VP of Development & Professional Services, Stilo International

Patrick Baker heads up all new product development at Stilo and is actively engaged in the successful deployment of content processing solutions for publishing clients. Major ongoing product development efforts include the OmniMark high-performance content processing platform, and Migrate cloud XML content conversion service.

In this presentation, Patrick demonstrates AuthorBridge—a new web-based, low-cost editor that enables authors with no knowledge of XML to easily create and edit XML content via a free-flowing ‘Word-like’ authoring experience.

“There are business benefits to being in XML, but often your contributing authors don’t know anything about it. (AuthorBridge) is a walk-up-and-use authoring experience.”

Mike Zahorik, Adobe

Content velocity

Mike Zahorik
Business Development Manager, Adobe

We’re all under the same pressure to do more with less, and yet still deliver a great experience for our customers. With the proliferation of new devices and platforms, designers must produce 10x as much content as they did just a few years ago, so how do you keep up?

In this presentation, Adobe Business Development Manager Mike Zahorik explores how Adobe is using Creative Cloud to empower its customers to keep up with today and be ready for tomorrow.

Linda Griffin Kean, IMF

Melding vendors into a Typefi workflow: A case study from the IMF

Linda Griffin Kean
Associate Publisher, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Linda Griffin Kean is Associate Publisher of the International Monetary Fund. Prior to joining the IMF in 2004, Linda worked for a number of think tanks and ran a communications consulting practice in Washington, DC.

IMF has been using Typefi since 2010. While the organisation’s main business is not publishing, its annual periodic reports—the World Economic Outlook, the Fiscal Monitor, and the Global Financial Stability Report—analyse global and regional macroeconomic and financial developments, and are crucial in advancing a shared understanding of policies needed to promote global economic stability.

In this presentation, Linda shares the challenges associated with successfully implementing Typefi at IMF and ultimately reducing publishing production time for the annual periodic reports from six weeks to six days, in an environment with ever-shrinking deadlines, no in-house production staff, and a range of vendors with varying wants and needs.

“Trying to change an editorial workflow is almost harder than trying to change anything else. You need a change agent who has the trust of everyone involved. You have to be the honest broker—make it clear to everyone what the goal is, and understand that everyone’s incentive structure is different.”

Jason Mitchell, Typefi

Typefi Professional Services

Jason Mitchell
Director of Professional Services, Typefi

Jason leads Typefi’s global Professional Services team and has over 15 years of experience in managing publishing operations and digital products for both small and large publishing houses.

In this presentation, Jason introduces Typefi’s global Professional Services team, and discusses how the team is working to help Typefi customers improve their business. He also introduces the new Typefi Support site and knowledge base.

Chandi Perera, Typefi

Trends in Publishing

Chandi Perera
CEO, Typefi

Chandi joined Typefi as CEO in 2006, and has over two decades of publishing and media technology experience. He has acted as a technology consultant to corporations and government agencies around the world, and is a frequent conference speaker in the areas of content management, publishing, media, XML, structured content and digital rights management.

In this presentation Chandi discusses recent trends in publishing, including the growth of book publishing, the tenacity of print, the popularity of various digital formats around the world, the rise of indie publishers, the increasing focus on accessibility in publishing, growing challenges for publishers in keeping their back lists discoverable and readable, and more.

“Publishing is changing, but it’s definitely not dying.”

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