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Improving project collaboration to deliver greater success

Introducing new processes and technologies into your business can be disruptive; shifting the way that you do business usually comes with additional tasks to your daily activities and a fair amount of stress.

At Typefi, we’re continuously exploring ways to improve collaboration, minimise the impact of change, and help you achieve your goals—without the headaches.

Marie Gollentz
Marie Gollentz, Project Manager, Typefi
Typefi Professional Services team members Dinitha, Dilshan, Eric, and Dilum, seated around a desk working on laptop computers as part of a Typefi training session.

Meet Typefi’s new Professional Services team members!

As part of Typefi’s ongoing commitment to customer service, the Professional Services team has recently welcomed three new Support Consultants based in Sri Lanka.

With the addition of Dinitha Ariyathilake, Dilshan Dharmawardana and Dilum Samarajeewa to the Colombo office, Typefi will—for the first time—be in a position to provide 24×7 customer support across all global time zones by the end of 2016.