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Promotional graphic with photo of Peter Kahrel, Typefi Senior Scripting Engineer, above a white logo for Typefi, and the title of the blog post.

Automate repetitive graphs and charts in InDesign with scripting

Peter Kahrel
Senior Scripting Engineer, Typefi

The adage ‘work smarter, not harder’ often comes to mind when composing documents. Thankfully, scripting can help save the day, as Typefi Senior Scripting Engineer, Peter Kahrel, explains.

Charts in Adobe InDesign are usually produced as separate files and placed in an InDesign document as images. These charts can be high-quality PDF or EPS files, but more often than not they are medium- to low-quality bitmaps.
Abstract image of overlaid bar charts and line graphs.

Many charts are also repetitive. For example, a financial data sheet that’s published every day or every week can contain one or more charts that are always the same apart from the height of bars (in a bar chart) or the way a line is drawn (in a line chart).

Promo for Damian Gibbs' blog post about standards providing a foundation for innovation and creativity in publishing.

Standards: The foundation for innovation and creativity in publishing

Damian Gibbs
Solutions Consultant, Typefi

The word “standard” does not appeal to the creative spirit of publishing. With connotations of enforcing rules and guidelines on people, it appears to be the very antithesis of creativity!

Looking at the broad variation of beautiful publications available, this surely is proof that publishing thrives on non-conformity and thinking outside the box?