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Streamlined font management for automated publishing

Typefi and Extensis, united by their shared mission of making publishing workflows seamless and efficient, have partnered to remove font challenges that can derail automated publishing processes.

Extensis FontLink—a tool that identifies, locates, and activates only the exact fonts used in a document—is now available as an action in Typefi 8 workflows using InDesign Server.

“It all happens behind the scenes. We’re getting the fonts in the right place so you can access them on demand,” said Caleb Clauset, Typefi VP Product.

“FontLink is a really clever tool that’s unique in the market; there is nothing else quite like this. Your other choice is simply to pre-load hundreds or thousands of typefaces in InDesign Server, but FontLink gives you the ability—on the fly—to identify and locate the exact fonts that are used in your documents.”

Chris Meyer, Senior Product Manager of Font Management at Extensis, explained that FontLink helps publishers overcome key challenges that arise at the pre-production stage.

“It’s at this point things can go sideways because fonts are not available in the system. Currently, customers need to load up every font they may ever need to ensure the output looks as desired, but doing this can overload the machine and cause the process to fail when duplicate fonts are found,” Chris said.

“By injecting FontLink at the back end of the production assembly line, customers will have an on-demand system to get the fonts required for each document during output processing. FontLink ensures there are no missing, incorrect or substituted fonts, and will only deliver exact matches for each document along that production path.”

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