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Need a reason to drop everything and take a break? Typefi has produced a custom set of playing cards to help our customers, friends and trade show visitors PLAY MORE!

Designed by Caleb Clauset, award-winning graphic designer and Typefi VP Product, the card backs come in four colours and feature an interlaced roundel inspired by The Third Knot, a woodcut created by German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer between 1490 and 1500 (and which, in turn, was inspired by designs created by Dürer’s contemporary, Leonardo da Vinci).

“Dürer was considered a virtuoso of woodcut printmaking. He created woodcuts with a level of complexity and technical skill that had previously been considered impossible,” Caleb explained.

“Typefi is a lot like that. We’ve built an automated publishing platform that is technically brilliant and which can automatically produce layouts that look as though a human designer created them—even though it might seem impossible, Typefi proves it can be done.”

The card designs also honour Typefi’s Australian origins, with depictions of Golden Wattle (the national floral emblem of Australia) and the Cooktown Orchid (the state floral emblem of the state of Queensland).

If you’d like a set of these gorgeous cards to add to your home or office game collection, have a chat to your Typefi Business Development Manager.


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