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Webinar recording: Take control of your content and do more for less!

Learn how to improve the quality and accuracy of published materials, reduce production time, decrease publishing costs and improve customer experience by taking control of content and streamlining key publishing processes through automation!

This presentation, held on 18 Mary 2016, focuses on product-related publishing for manufacturers (technical/instructional manuals, parts and price lists, catalogs and more); however, the demonstrated techniques can be applied to almost any publishing workflow.

Eric Damitz

Get your content under control.

Typefi Senior Solutions Consultant Eric Damitz, a publishing expert with almost 20 years’ experience in content development, management and reuse, discusses how you can develop a content strategy, use templates and style guides to structure and organise your content, and assess whether a Content Management System (CMS) could be beneficial for your business.

Take the “manual” out of creating and publishing manuals.

In this webinar, Eric conducts a demonstration using common desktop publishing tools and featuring content from real Typefi customers. You’ll see how different kinds of automation can be introduced to a publishing workflow, and learn how to position your organisation to be able to take advantage of advanced publishing technologies such as automated composition, single-source publishing (using the same content to publish in multiple formats for print, online and mobile), and even XML (Extensible Markup Language).

Want to see how other manufacturers are using Typefi? Check out the case studies below.

Billabong logo

International surfwear giant Billabong has been using Typefi for catalogue production since 2009, significantly reducing errors in published product information whilst halving production time.

Rhino-Rack logo

Vehicle accessories manufacturer Rhino-Rack reduced production time for its Comprehensive Fit Guides by 75% and decreased publishing errors by integrating Typefi Desktop with a centralised product database.

Wayne Dalton logo

Garage door manufacturer Wayne Dalton slashed production time by 80% for more than 1600 complex product installation guides with Typefi, and significantly reduced publishing production costs.

Publishing processes don’t need to be time consuming, expensive, inefficient and error-prone! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like to have a chat about how Typefi can help you DO MORE for less.

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