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Book excerpt: JavaScript for InDesign

There are many repetitive and labour-intensive Adobe InDesign tasks that can be solved with scripting.

If you want to learn how to access Adobe InDesign’s hidden scripting riches, Peter Kahrel’s book JavaScript for InDesign is a great place to start!

Thanks to the team at InDesign Secrets, you can now download an excerpt which first appeared in the April 2020 edition of InDesign Magazine.

Title page of of the JavaScript for InDesign Book Excerpt in the April 2020 issue of InDesign Magazine. There is a short block of text, a photo of Peter Kahrel, and a shot of the book cover.

The excerpt also includes an exclusive set of simple one-liner scripts that Peter came up with to give you a quick taste of success!

Supercharge your InDesign skills!

JavaScript for InDesign is intended for people who know InDesign fairly well but do not necessarily know much about scripting or programming. The book introduces:

  • Adobe’s script editor and the InDesign object model;
  • The basics of JavaScript, covering the main elements of the language with examples to get you started;
  • Several scripts for managing and manipulating text.

If you’re typesetting in InDesign, a little bit of scripting know-how can save you a whole lot of time and effort. Get started today!

Download free excerpt (PDF) Buy the book (InDesign Secrets)

About Peter Kahrel

Peter was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He trained as a linguist at the University of Amsterdam and has an MA and a PhD, specialising in syntax, semantics, and typology.

After moving to the UK in 1994, he worked as a typesetter, editor, copy-editor, and indexer (and sometimes as a designer too) for publishers in the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany, preparing for the press both books and journals. He combined this with teaching at the Linguistics Department at Lancaster University.

Peter has been programming InDesign with JavaScript since 2003, mainly to cut out the tedium that faces every typesetter and indexer but in equal measure because it’s good fun.

He is the author of JavaScript for InDesign and GREP in InDesign (both available from and is highly regarded in the global InDesign scripting community. He has worked as a Scripting Engineer at Typefi since 2010.

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