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Frankfurt Book Fair 2022

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest book fair in the world, regularly attracting more than 70,000 visitors from 100+ countries. We’re happy to be back again at this vibrant and dynamic meeting of the minds in global publishing, on 19-23 October 2022!

Frankfurt Book Fair 2022

If you’ve ever been to Frankfurt Book Fair, you know it’s a maze of halls, each one dedicated to various different areas of the publishing industry.

This year, you’ll find Typefi at booth H47, in Hall 4.2—which includes STM and academic publishing—so stop by and say hi!

Translate. Transfer. Transform.

This year, Frankfurt Book Fair will focus on these three words. The goal of this year’s fair is to foster the exchange of ideas across languages and cultures so everyone can learn about new perspectives and contribute their own points of view.

If you publish multilingual content for different regions, then you know that language can be a difficult barrier to overcome when sharing ideas across cultures. You need to translate your content accurately for each language, then rework your document to account for different lengths and spacing.

That’s where Typefi comes in.

Fast and accurate automated composition.

Typefi separates content from design, meaning you can update your multilingual content at any time without in-depth manual rework of your document.

Using pre-prepared templates, Typefi takes your content and automatically composes a flawlessly-designed InDesign file. Typefi intelligently tries different combinations of text, images, and other visual elements to ensure proper typesetting, no matter the language.

This is all possible using the same InDesign templates, so no manual rework is needed. That’s why Typefi is able to reduce production time by up to 80%, even for complex content!

With Typefi, you can produce a variety of publication-ready outputs, in multiple languages, within minutes! To learn more, book some time with Stephen or Chandi at Frankfurt Book Fair!

Visit the Frankfurt Book Fair website for more details and to book your ticket.

Where else can you catch Typefi in 2022? Check out our events page for the latest information.

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