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DITA + AEM: Lost your design mojo?

Creating visually-compelling print experiences for your customers shouldn’t be a dispiriting experience for you.

However, for many organisations publishing DITA, the sad reality is that producing professionally-designed PDFs is really hard, if not impossible.

It’s time to say goodbye to ugly DITA PDFs and hello to perfectly-crafted print content—automatically!

Typefi, the world’s leading automated publishing platform based on Adobe InDesign Server, now integrates directly with Adobe Experience Manager Guides (formerly XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager*).

Typefi offers a robust, intelligent and flexible solution for publishing complex DITA content. Enjoy the many benefits of DITA while taking control of your designs!

*Adobe Experience Manager Guides was formerly branded as XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager. A name change occurred on 11 May, 2022. Please note certain references within the documentation may still refer to prior branding but are still applicable to the current offering.

Seamless integration

  • Typefi is an official Adobe InDesign Server partner
  • Publish DITA Maps directly through Typefi from within Adobe Experience Manager

Design agility

  • Create your own dynamic InDesign templates for automated publishing—no programming skills needed
  • Produce Adobe InDesign files for manual intervention where preferred
  • Eliminate the need for DITA-OT/XSL-FO or FrameMaker Server
  • Achieve true branding alignment between marketing collateral and technical documentation

Your choice of 30+ print and digital outputs

  • PDF for print and web
  • InDesign (for manual editing)
  • Accessible formats (including DAISY)

Content velocity

  • Slash publishing production time by up to 80%
  • Work closer to deadlines
  • Make content or design changes at any stage of the production process

See it in action!

Our team will be demonstrating Typefi’s integration with Adobe Experience Manager Guides at LavaCon (Portland OR, USA, 27-30 October 2019), Adobe MAX (Los Angeles CA, USA, 4-6 November 2019), and CIDM DITA Europe (Brussels, Belgium, 7-8 November 2019).

If you’re not attending these events but would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll arrange a demo at a time that suits you.

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