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Graphic promoting Typefi's sponsorship of BookMachine's Production Season, 18 January to 26 February

BookMachine Production season: That’s a wrap!

We thoroughly enjoyed all the juicy production content delivered by BookMachine during 2021 Production Season, and we hope you did too!

Congratulations to Gareth Conway, the winner of our National Book Tokens £40 e-Gift card giveaway, and thank you to everyone who entered.

We look forward to sponsoring BookMachine’s upcoming Tech season, which kicks off on 26 April.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about how you can transform your production processes with design-driven automation, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Watch: Transforming workflows with Typefi

Catch up on BookMachine’s Wednesday Wisdom Q&A with Jason Mitchell, VP of Customer Experience at Typefi, and Pascale Kahwagi, Editorial Director at Hachette Antoine.

Learn more about Hachette Antoine’s changing workflows, and how the team has worked effectively with Typefi to create automated content layouts for multi-language titles!

Read: Automate your way to meaningful work

Want more time for creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking—all while improving the bottom line?

Typefi Solutions Consultant Damian Gibbs explains the many benefits of automating mundane, repetitive production tasks, and suggests some ways your production team can start ditching the busywork.

While you’re here at the Typefi website, please take a look around!

Fast, professional layout in minutes? It’s possible! Typefi is a world-leading automated publishing platform built on Adobe InDesign Server, enabling your team to rapidly create publication-ready content using dynamic InDesign templates and design-driven artificial intelligence.

Typefi streamlines in-house production, saving time so you can DO MORE. Creating print books, e-books, HTML, XML? Do it all from a single source of content! Working in Word, or an online authoring platform, or assembling modular content from a CMS? Typefi seamlessly pulls content from wherever you manage it.

You maintain creative control, while your Typefi software smoothly takes care of all the typesetting drudge work. Say goodbye to manual errors, time-consuming layout changes, and reformatting for different outputs, and simply create perfectly-crafted content fast!

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