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Balisage Markup Conference 2022

The annual Balisage markup conference is coming this summer! The event will take place virtually from 1-5 August 2022 and Typefi is a Silver sponsor. The Typefi XSLT team will be attending and Gayanthika Udeshani, Associate Architect at Typefi, will be presenting a paper!

Balisage 2022 conference logo

Balisage is an annual conference devoted to the theory and practice of descriptive markup. Everything from markup languages like XML to the various technologies needed to process them will be up for discussion. If you’re a “markup geek” then this is the conference for you—but even if you’re not, this event is a great place to learn from the best.

Getting Useful XML out of Microsoft Excel

We couldn’t be more proud that Gayanthika will be presenting her paper, “Getting Useful XML out of Microsoft Excel”, at this year’s Balisage conference!

If you work with Excel then you know that it’s a popular tool for maintaining data—and for good reason. However, it can be complicated to extract useful XML from Excel spreadsheets. Powerful Java tools exist that can help you with this, but they can be difficult to configure.

In her paper, Gayanthika discusses a simpler solution that relies on an XSLT function library to extract CALS tables and SVG diagrams from Excel. This method can make your Excel data more easily accessible in applications related to XML transformations. Gayanthika will cover all the details during her presentation so don’t miss it!

UPDATED 30 August, 2022: View Gayanthika’s paper and presentation via our blog.

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