Video: Accelerate your content production with Typefi!

As a manufacturer, providing accurate product information to customers, distributors and staff is crucial.

With Typefi’s powerful automated publishing platform, you can slash publishing production time and costs by up to 80%, eliminate manual typesetting errors, and achieve true alignment between marketing collateral and technical documentation!


VOICEOVER: When it comes to supplying product information to your customers, your ability to provide accurate and up-to-date information is vital.

Automating your publishing process to get the most out of your content traditionally makes changes difficult, and you often have to compromise on the quality of the final outputs… but not anymore.

Typefi is a user-friendly publishing platform that utilises the power of Adobe InDesign to fully automate print, online and mobile production. Typefi’s seamless, end-to-end automated workflow dramatically accelerates the publishing process, reducing production time by as much as 80%.

Even the most complex documents can be composed with a simple click of a button. Typefi works with the programs you’re familiar with, like Word, Excel, InDesign, and XML editors. It integrates with your CMS to simplify your content reuse, streamlining your workflow to ensure the most up-to-date information is used when producing publications.

Using Typefi, you can harmonise your marketing communications and your technical documentation to create beautiful, well designed publications that are always on brand.

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