Industry Solution: Manufacturing & Technical Communication

Providing accurate product information to customers, distributors and staff is crucial. As consumers increasingly expect information to be immediately available in a range of print and digital formats, maintaining accuracy of fast-changing product data across multiple platforms presents a very real and significant challenge.

Typefi has been working with manufacturers for over a decade, building and implementing powerful publishing solutions that completely eliminate manual typesetting errors, and which slash production times—and costs—by up to 80%.

By utilising structured product information stored in enterprise databases, content management systems, websites, or Microsoft Excel, your team can use Typefi to rapidly and accurately produce parts and price lists, technical instruction manuals, and beautifully-designed catalogues with 100% accuracy and as many formats as you need with just the single click of a button.



Typefi is a user-friendly, single-source publishing platform that fully automates print, online and mobile production in a seamless, end-to-end automated workflow.

  • Slash publishing production time—and costs—by up to 80%, even for complex technical publications and highly detailed parts and price lists.
  • Publish the same content to over 30 formats for print, online and mobile, including PDF, EPUB, HTML for websites and online databases, and XML (including DITA).
  • Eliminate manual typesetting errors by maintaining one set of data which is used to automatically produce all outputs.
  • Easily rectify errors or make changes to content and design at any stage of the production process.
  • Ensure consistency of branding and styling within and across publications.
  • Quickly and easily re-use and re-purpose your content.
  • Rapidly publish your content in hundreds of languages using a single template.

Typefi integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word for authoring, and builds on the rich capabilities of Adobe InDesign for sophisticated layouts. Thanks to our team’s design expertise and years of experience in developing publishing automation software, Typefi intelligently lays out complex content including tables, diagrams, footnotes, endnotes, tables of contents, and multi-level lists.

Typefi is designed to work as you do, but much faster.

A proven publishing solution for manufacturers.

See how BlueScope, PMC, Rhino-Rack and Wayne Dalton have reduced publishing production time by up to 80%, increased accuracy, and saved money with Typefi.

BlueScope logo

Australian steel manufacturer BlueScope Lysaght decreased production time for regional price-books by 60%—and saved 70% in production costs—by integrating its central product database with Typefi.

PMC logo

Japanese document solutions company PMC uses Typefi Workgroup to rapidly publish instruction manuals for its manufacturing clients—including Pioneer and Makita—in multiple languages.

Rhino-Rack logo

Vehicle accessories manufacturer Rhino-Rack reduced production time for its Comprehensive Fit Guides by 75% and decreased publishing errors by integrating Typefi Desktop with a centralised product database.

Wayne Dalton logo

Garage door manufacturer Wayne Dalton slashed production time by 80% for more than 1600 complex product installation guides with Typefi, and significantly reduced publishing production costs.

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Our Professional Services team members are located around the world to provide a quick response and on-tap expertise, no matter where you are.

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