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Industry Solution: Legal Publishing

A major challenge for legal publishers is managing the publication of complex legal content in an environment where case law and statutes are constantly changing.

Whether producing books, journals, continuing education materials, or complex documents for legal practice, legal publications often contain extensive footnotes, complex list hierarchies, extensive citations, and multiple tables of authorities. Not only do new versions need to be updated and released at the speed the law changes, but accuracy and attention to detail is imperative.

For over a decade, Typefi’s powerful automated publishing platform has been helping legal publishers to rapidly produce publications for print, online, and mobile, while flawlessly handling the inherent challenges of producing legal content.

Typefi enables legal publishing teams to continue authoring their content in familiar programs like Microsoft Word, and then to easily use that single source of content to automatically produce more than 30 output formats—including PDF, e-books, XML, and HTML—in just minutes.

Typefi maintains integrity of content, formatting, and design, and includes features for automatically generating cross references, hyperlinks, tables of contents, indexes, and tables of authorities—all with just the single click of a button.


Typefi is a user-friendly, single-source publishing platform that fully automates print, online and mobile production in a seamless, end-to-end automated workflow.

  • Reduce time to market by 50%-80% by streamlining and automating production workflows end-to-end.
  • Feel confident knowing you’re protected by world-class reliability and security, tested and proven.
  • Lower overall risk by reducing or eliminating error-prone manual composition processes and taking advantage of built-in validation.
  • Publish to multiple output formats from a single content source, including PDF, HTML and EPUB.
  • Continue to work with familiar tools as Typefi seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, a range of databases, enterprise content management systems, and more.
  • Cut production costs by up to 80% by reducing internal development requirements and reducing or eliminating outsourcing.

Typefi’s legal publishing solution is based on Typefi’s core automated publishing platform, and comes with a range of built-in features to help legal publishers quickly and reliably produce publications in the formats they need.

Sophisticated design and complete control across all formats.

In the digital age, consumers expect information to be immediately available in a range of print and digital formats across multiple platforms.

Typefi builds on the rich capabilities of Adobe InDesign, the design software globally accepted as industry-standard, and intelligently lays out complex content including tables, footnotes, endnotes, tables of cases, and multi-level lists.

You can even include dynamic content such as audio files and video clips for HTML and EPUB outputs, while automatically excluding the same interactive content from your print outputs. If you’re looking to publish your content in multiple languages or Section 508-compliant accessible formats, Typefi will manage that too.

You’ll have richly formatted, distribution-ready publications in whichever outputs you need—PDF, HTML, EPUB, and more—in just minutes. No more reformatting for different output devices!

With Typefi, you’ll drastically reduce production time and increase the volume of richly-formatted documents you can produce without employing additional resources or forgoing quality. That’s why we say “DO MORE”.

Produce loose-leaf updates and new editions faster and easier than ever.

Typefi’s template-based workflows mean existing publications can be updated and republished in a matter of minutes just by clicking a button. With embedded tagging, even tables of contents, authorities and indexes can be instantly regenerated.

Editors using Typefi’s loose-leaf solution place markers within the document to indicate the start and end of the page range for printing. Markers can also be set in split footnotes to include those parts of footnotes needed in the page rage. The marked page range is used to create a new Word file for updating and to extract that content as a new section within the original document, with a revision number to keep track of the changes.

Once the new file has been updated and printed, it is incorporated within the original document to produce the complete publication, and then archived, ready for the next update.

Manage multiple categories of citation tables.

Typefi’s citation table solution allows editors to use Microsoft Word’s Table of Authorities feature to manage citation tables with multiple categories for cases, statutes, rules, codes, standards, and so on.

The author or editor defines and saves the categories for each publishing project in an interface accessible within and across Word files belonging to the same publishing project. Different categories can be defined in other projects, according to the citation requirements of each publication.

The Typefi citation table solution:

  • Handles up to 16 different categories of Tables of Authorities;
  • Automates sorting under the appropriate heading;
  • Automatically generates page references to appear in the output table;
  • Includes the option of referencing every page on which a cited authority appears, or the first page only.

Unfailing support all the way.

As an organisation that values integrity, collaboration, and a commitment to “solving the right problem”, the Typefi team will work closely with you to understand your needs, develop and implement your solution, train your Typefi users, and provide ongoing support.

Our Professional Services team members are located around the world to provide a quick response and on-tap expertise, no matter where you are.

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