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Your content. Any format, any device. Faster.

Industry solution: Financial Services

Publish flawlessly-designed, multi-format content up to 80% faster with Typefi, the world-leading single source automated publishing platform for print, web, and mobile.

Typefi seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, databases, and content management solutions like Adobe Experience Manager, enabling you to create richly-designed content in a range of outputs—including print-ready PDF, editable InDesign documents, EPUB, HTML, XML, and Section 508-compliant accessible formats—at the click of a button.

Your content. Any format, any device. Faster.

With Typefi, you’ll rapidly produce stakeholder publications—such as fund fact sheets and research reports—that not only contain the latest data, but are also visually appealing, brand compliant, and free from manual typesetting errors.

A sample fund fact sheet produced with Typefi showing graphs, charts, and tables

Typefi builds on the rich capabilities of Adobe InDesign, enabling your designers to create dynamic templates that consistently apply your company’s colours, branding, fonts, and styles. Meanwhile, your content creators continue to author and edit in your content management system or Microsoft Word.

At the click of a button, Typefi’s sophisticated artificial intelligence engine takes your chosen content and uses the dynamic InDesign templates to rapidly lay out complex elements such as tables, charts, figures, footnotes, endnotes, tables of contents, and multi-level lists.

In just minutes you’ll have richly-designed, brand compliant publications—in whatever formats you need—that look like they were created by hand.

You can even include dynamic content such as audio files and video clips for HTML and EPUB outputs, while automatically excluding the same interactive content from your print outputs.

With Typefi, you need only focus on maintaining the accuracy of your source content—automating composition completely eliminates the risk of introducing errors to the final output. If your content changes prior to publication and submission, you simply update it at the source and then run it through Typefi again to produce the correct output in minutes.

You can trust Typefi to deliver your content correctly every time.

World-class security, tested and proven.

It’s increasingly difficult to protect your sensitive data and intellectual property from ever-evolving cyber threats. Typefi offers you peace of mind by taking a rigorous approach to security, and employing world-class security practices and state-of-the-art hardware and software to secure your publications, data, and personal information.

Typefi’s scalable, multi-user enterprise platform is available as either a cloud-based or on-premises solution to best suit your needs. With sophisticated permissions management built right in, you can ensure that only authorised people have access to content, templates, and administrative functions.

Cutting-edge technology is only half the story!

When you choose Typefi, you’re not just choosing a software platform—you’re choosing a team of passionate experts who will work closely with you to solve your publishing challenges and help you maximise the benefits of Typefi’s world-leading technology.

Typefi’s Professional Services team members are located around the world to provide a quick response and on-tap expertise, from your initial implementation through to advanced customisations and expert-level training.

Ready to take the first step towards revolutionising your publishing?

We’ll work with you to understand the publishing challenges you’re facing and determine which Typefi solution best suits your budget and production needs. Simply contact our Business Development team to find out how we can help you DO MORE.

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