Industry solution: Educational publishers

Global events have dramatically impacted how teachers and learners access and use content. With so much education now taking place outside the classroom, it’s more important than ever for educational publishers to build flexibility and speed into multi-format production processes.

Whether you’re producing materials for schools, universities, vocational education, or professional development, whether your content is simple or highly complex, Typefi’s proven publishing automation solutions will help you maximise your reach without ever compromising quality.

Why automate?

Automating some or all of your publishing production workflow with Typefi will free your team from time-consuming busywork and empower them to deliver high-quality print and digital educational content whenever, wherever and however it’s needed!

  • Slash publishing production time for print and digital content by up to 80%
  • Rapidly render the same content in multiple formats, including print PDF, HTML, EPUB, XML, accessible formats, and more
  • Improve design consistency across your publications while maintaining content integrity
  • Automate layout of complex elements such as boxed text, tables, graphics and images, multiple columns, mathematical and scientific notation, multi-level lists, and more
  • Automate time-consuming, error-prone print elements such as pagination, running headers, tables of contents, footnotes and references
  • Include interactive content for HTML and EPUB outputs, while automatically excluding the same interactive content from your print outputs
  • Easily rectify errors or make content changes at any stage—without time-intensive reformatting
  • Utilise flexible workflow tools that allow for easy adaptation of new design or output requirements
  • Create custom products specific to topics or regions by repurposing existing content—all in a matter of minutes
  • Update content and publish new editions faster, for a fraction of the current cost

How does it work?

Typefi is a flexible, user-friendly, single-source publishing platform that automatically renders content in 30+ print and digital formats.

Authors and editors continue to work in their familiar environment—Typefi integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word, and a wide range of content management systems and online authoring tools.

Meanwhile, designers focus on building dynamic design intelligence into new and existing Adobe InDesign templates for automation.

When ready to publish, it’s as easy as clicking a button! Typefi rapidly and intelligently assembles your chosen content according to the design rules you’ve set up—within minutes, you’ll have perfectly-crafted content in whatever formats you need!

No Typefi solution is exactly the same, so we’ll collaborate closely with you to understand your needs, develop and implement your solution, train your Typefi users, and provide ongoing support.

See it in action!

In this live presentation from the 2015 Association of American University Presses (AAUP) Conference, Typefi VP Product Caleb Clauset demonstrates how to publish an entire textbook to both PDF and EPUB in 1 minute, 44 seconds.

It’s not hard to see why Typefi customers experience publishing production time savings of 50%–80% and drastically increase their output capabilities without the need for additional resources. That’s why we say “DO MORE”.

Proven solutions for educational publishers

See how IGI Global, The Federation Press, The Institutes, and Kaplan Professional Education have realised a range of benefits with Typefi-based publishing solutions.

IGI Global logo

Independent academic publisher IGI Global tripled publishing output within three years of implementing Typefi and Inera eXtyles, eliminated outsourcing, and now offers print-on-demand educational content.

The Federation Press logo

Independent Australian academic publisher The Federation Press doubled production capacity, increased aesthetic value, eliminated manual typesetting, and reduced publishing errors with Typefi.

The Institutes logo

Professional development provider The Institutes dramatically increased output from four new products per year to 80 within five years of implementing Typefi alongside a Content Management System (CMS).

Kaplan logo

The team at Kaplan Professional Education uses DITA XML and Typefi to create a range of flexible, easily reusable educational content, including online courses, printed materials, and e-books.

Ready to take the first step towards revolutionising your publishing?

We’ll work with you to understand the publishing challenges you’re facing and recommend a Typefi solution that best suits your budget and production needs. Simply contact our Business Development team to find out how we can help you DO MORE.