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There’s so much to love about DITA, but let’s face it, creating visually compelling print content from DITA can be really hard.

If formatting even the most basic output leaves you wishing you had a degree in software engineering, maybe it’s time to check out Typefi!

Say hello to design agility!

Typefi’s world-leading single-source publishing automation platform harnesses the power of Adobe InDesign, the world’s most widely used professional page design software, for high quality automatic layout.

With 20 years’ experience enabling organisations to create professional publications with XML and InDesign, Typefi brings intelligent automation right to your fingertips.

Produce DITA content in your choice of 30+ outputs, including XML, HTML, EPUB, InDesign, and perfectly-designed PDFs for print and online.

Take back control of your brand image!

The speed with which we can assemble printed materials from our XML content is light years ahead of where we were.

Paul Illian, Director of Products, The Institutes (Typefi DITA customer since 2009)

All the benefits of DITA—with great design!

Streamline your publishing processes.

  • Integrate seamlessly with your CMS, centralising business, branding and governance logic across all channels.
  • Separate content creation from layout.
  • Automate production of all print and digital output, even for complex DITA content such as footnotes, TOCs, diagrams, tables, and multi-level lists.
  • Slash production time by up to 80%.
  • Work closer to deadlines—easily rectify errors or make changes to content and design at any stage of the production process.
  • Publish in multiple languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Indic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many more!) without time-intensive reformatting or additional costs.
  • Easily create accessible documents that are automatically Section 508/WCAG 2.0-compliant.

Take back your design power!

  • Create your own dynamic Adobe InDesign templates—no programming skills needed.
  • Produce Adobe InDesign files for manual intervention where preferred.
  • Eliminate the need for DITA-OT/XSL-FO.
  • Achieve true branding alignment between marketing collateral and technical documentation.

Adobe Experience Manager Guides integration

Turn your DITA content into superior print experiences with Typefi’s flexible and user-friendly Adobe Experience Manager Guides (formerly XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager) integration!

  • Dynamically generate brochures, disclosures, fact sheets, reports, white papers, educational materials, and other data-driven print documents from within Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Create your own dynamic InDesign templates for automated publishing—no programming skills needed.
  • Fully automate production of all print and digital outputs, or choose InDesign output for manual intervention.

Check out this video, in which we demonstrate how Typefi can produce flawless PDFs from different types of DITA content in seconds!

*Adobe Experience Manager Guides was formerly branded as XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager. A name change occurred on 11 May, 2022. Please note certain references within the documentation may still refer to prior branding but are still applicable to the current offering.

A proven DITA publishing solution.

Graph showing the increase in production of new products over five years, from 4 new products in 2009, to 15 in 2010, 53 in 2011, 68 in 2012, and 80 in 2013.
Number of new products published annually by The Institutes in the first five years after implementing Typefi and DITA.

The Institutes is a leading provider of foundational and continuing education and professional development for over 100,000 members in the risk management and property casualty insurance industries.

In 2009, The Institutes replaced its inefficient and wholly print-centric workflow with a new publishing system incorporating DITA for authoring and Typefi for publication.

Typefi’s seamless integration with The Institutes’ CMS enabled them to increase publishing output by 1900% over five years and to offer customised content on demand, all with the same staffing resources.

I’ve seen years since where they’ve had over 150 products come out the door in a given year. So that 1900%, that’s a conservative number.

Jim Cain, Solution Architect, Jacquette Consulting

To learn more about The Institutes’ Typefi/DITA publishing solution, check out the case study and Jim Cain’s 2019 Typefi User Conference Presentation ‘Standing the Test of Time: A Case Study for Integrating DITA XML and Typefi‘.

Unfailing support all the way.

As an organisation that values integrity, collaboration, and a commitment to “solving the right problem”, the Typefi team will work closely with you to understand your needs, develop and implement your solution, train your Typefi users, and provide ongoing support.

Our Professional Services team members are located around the world to provide a quick response and on-tap expertise, no matter where you are.

Ready to take the first step towards revolutionising your publishing?

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