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Unleash the power of Adobe InDesign Server with Typefi!

Speed. Accuracy. Professional design. Can one automated publishing solution truly deliver them all?

Samples of publications and pages produced with Typefi and InDesign Server, including diagrams, charts and images, and covers of the Lonely Planet Rio de Janeiro travel guide and the BlueScope Lysaght Price List for North Queensland.
Samples of publications produced with Typefi and Adobe InDesign Server.

Typefi can—and does!

Organisations around the world use Typefi to publish their content in more formats and up to 80% faster, without compromising on content integrity or design quality.

Typefi’s patented AI technology seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe InDesign Server, enabling varied and complex layouts, sophisticated typographical composition, and flawlessly-crafted design—any format, any device—at the click of a button.

It’s flexible, scalable, and built to handle almost anything, from simple newsletters through to the most complex textbooks and journals.

Created by designers, for designers

Since 2001, Typefi’s innovative software has been built and maintained by a team of experts who are passionate about publishing and design.

We know that speed and accuracy in document production is vitally important, but outputs produced with Typefi have to look amazing too!

Typefi’s automated publishing platform utilises Adobe InDesign, the world’s most widely used professional page layout software, to intelligently render complex layouts using dynamic templates and design-driven techniques.

As Typefi rapidly works through the automatic layout process, it tries different combinations of text, images, and other visual elements, making aesthetic judgements while taking into account a series of rules defined by the template designer.

The result? Perfectly-crafted documents in whatever formats you need, that look like they were laid out by a human.

Typefi is the only automated XML software that handles complex layouts to a professional standard.

Paul Illian, Senior Designer, The Institutes

The power is in your hands!

Typefi Designer, a suite of plug-ins for Adobe InDesign, empowers graphic designers and production artists to build dynamic design intelligence into new and existing InDesign templates for automation with Typefi.

Control your production process in-house whilst producing all essential outputs—InDesign, PDF, EPUB, Kindle, and more—within minutes.

Say goodbye to manual typesetting errors, time-consuming layout changes, and reformatting for different output devices, and simply enjoy perfectly-crafted content every time, automatically.

Typefi also offers a sophisticated Event Script architecture that augments native InDesign extensibility, providing designers with even more opportunities to save time and effort.

Ready to revolutionise your publishing with Typefi?

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