Typefi for Adobe Experience Manager


Typefi for Adobe Experience Manager

Diagram showing Content Fragments and Experience Fragments being exported from Adobe Experience Manager Assets to JSON format, sent to Typefi via an API, and converted to XML, InDesign, PDF, EPUB, and DAISY. The Typefi outputs are then returned to AEM Assets as Content Renditions.
AEM + Typefi Content Lifecycle

Are you delivering rich digital experiences with Adobe Experience Manager? Extend your reach to create, store, and deliver data-driven print experiences—at scale!

Typefi, an official Adobe InDesign Server partner, enables you to easily repurpose structured DITA content with Adobe InDesign Server.

Dynamically generate brochures, disclosures, fact sheets, reports, white papers, and other data-driven print documents, while maintaining full control of design quality and content integrity!

Flexible, blazingly fast, and with years of intelligent automation built right in, Typefi will enable you to increase content velocity by up to 80%—without compromise.

Key benefits

  • Streamline workflows and slash production time by up to 80%.
  • Work closer to deadlines—make design or content changes at any stage of the production process.
  • Automate production of complex content, including footnotes, table of contents, diagrams, tables, multi-level lists, and more.
  • Produce your choice of 30+ print and digital outputs, including PDF for print and web, InDesign, XML, HTML, EPUB, and DAISY.
  • Easily create accessible documents that are automatically Section 508/WCAG 2.0-compliant.
  • Publish to multiple languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Indic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many more!) without time-intensive reformatting or additional costs.
  • Centralise business, branding and governance logic across digital and print channels.
  • Manage digital and print content all in one place for better alignment.

Adobe Experience Manager Guides integration

If you’re publishing DITA content with a DITA-OT/XSL-FO solution, customising outputs and creating compelling PDFs can be deeply frustrating.

Typefi seamlessly integrates with Adobe Experience Manager Guides (formerly XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager), eliminating the need for DITA-OT/XSL-FO and enabling you to take back control of your designs!

  • Create your own dynamic InDesign templates for automated publishing—no programming skills needed.
  • Publish DITA content to Adobe InDesign Server.
  • Fully automate production of all print and digital outputs, or choose InDesign output for manual intervention.
  • Improve collaboration and achieve true alignment across business units by enabling marketing and technical teams to utilise a single publishing platform for all documentation.

Check out this webinar recording, in which we demonstrate how Typefi can produce flawless PDFs from different types of DITA content in seconds!

*Adobe Experience Manager Guides was formerly branded as XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager. A name change occurred on 11 May, 2022. Please note certain references within the documentation may still refer to prior branding but are still applicable to the current offering.

See it in action!

This short video (no audio) provides a brief introduction to Typefi for AEM—jump straight to 00:32 to see a real-time demo of Typefi automatically laying out a print newsletter in InDesign using digital assets.

Ready to DO MORE with Typefi for Adobe Experience Manager?

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