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Travel Content

Destinations, activities, ratings and reviews, maps, images, travel stories ... travel content demands visually compelling, usable and accessible designs, whether delivered in print or online.

With so much competition and so many places to find travel-related information, you want your content to stand out, and to be instantly recognized for its quality and value.

Present your content at its best. Typefi Publish’s design-driven composition and engine rules allow you to take advantage of InDesign’s superior typography and layout features, without the time delays and inconsistencies involved in manual typesetting or the design constraints of content-driven software.

Your customers want a great experience within their budget — don’t you?

Presenting all corners of the planet no longer costs the earth and you won’t have to cut corners either. That’s right. An XML workflow that allows you to produce beautiful and creative designs limited only by your imagination — while saving you money. Don’t just take our word for it:

Typefi Publish is enabling us to produce 20% more titles with existing staffing levels, and this is during a very busy period. — Neil Campbell, Program Director, Lonely Planet

We saved over $900,000 this [first] year. — Geoff Stringer, Production Manager, Lonely Planet

Typefi Publish was a key enabler in getting our new color guide books to market on time and cost effectively. — Tim Jarrell, Vice President & Publisher, Fodor’s

Your customers want to go to multiple destinations — so does your content

Integrate your print content production with your web and ebook content. Typefi Publish’s XML architecture and interface systems enable output to multiple formats from a single content source.

Doesn’t everyone just want an app for traveling?

An app is easily accessed on mobile devices for travelers actually on the go, and the right features and interactivity can turn content into a really practical application. But for planning a journey or finding out more about a destination or travel experience, websites and books still have much to offer. Publishers using Typefi Publish to produce travel content, for print and online, can take advantage of its core XML architecture to repurpose their content — whether creating an app to add interactivity to existing content or using that content to enhance a more practical app. Of course, content can be re-used for more than just apps.

Last minute changes are a fact of traveling — and publishing

Travel content needs to be as up-to-date as possible. Visa rules just change? One restaurant closed while another wins an award? Recommended tour no longer offered? Hotel refurbished?

With Typefi Publish’s accelerated proofing and composition processes, you can focus on keeping your content accurate much closer to time of print publication, and update it instantly for online publication.

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