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Textbook Publishing

Clear. Stimulating. Accessible. For textbooks, design that aids learning is paramount.

You’ve spent years developing print designs that present text, images and complex elements in visually exciting ways to meet pedagogical rules. You may have online content and tools to support your textbooks. Now you need to experiment with new formats for tablets and e-readers, whether to meet government requirements or to retain market share in an increasingly digital world.

Typefi Publish enables you to automate your publishing processes and reduce your production costs, while increasing capacity to a wider range of outputs — without sacrificing design or quality. Using Typefi Publish, your production team can:

  • Produce richly-designed print textbooks.
  • Handle complex design elements such as boxed text, tables, graphics, multiple columns, and more, with ease.
  • Ensure consistency of branding and styling within and across publications.
  • Quickly and easily re-use textbook content on demand or a variety of business models and formats.
  • Update content and publish new editions quickly, for a fraction of the current cost.
  • Easily repurpose content for different publications, formats and customers.

Small Publisher Case Study

The Federation Press

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