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Consumer Goods and Manufacturing Product Information

Products, pictures, prices and parts

Convey accurate product information to customers, distributors and staff.

Sales catalogs, price lists, instruction manuals, or other product-related publications.

Generate publications quickly as frequently as needed.

Update product data — a new product, a price change to an existing product — without disrupting the publication process or schedule.

Produce different versions — different language versions; one version for retail customers and one for distributors; a version for every sales region; a PDF for the website and a printed version.

Do all this efficiently, accurately and affordably with Typefi Publish.

Integration, automation, publication

Product data managed in enterprise databases, website databases or in Excel can all be integrated with Typefi Publish to enable automated content delivery to your product publications.

All the Typefi Publish platform needs is for product data to be structured, and then the structures can be mapped to Typefi sections, elements and styles for different data types and levels. If product information isn't already structured, our analysts can help identify structures that will work for your products and publications.

Cost benefits as real as your products

Our manufacturing customers are using Typefi Publish to achieve measurable efficiencies and tangible cost benefits in their businesses.

Case Studies—Manufacturing

Download the PDFs to read how some of our customers are using Typefi Systems software.

Industry focus: manufacturing
12-page PDF (approx 2.6MB):
pdfIcon A4 pdfIcon US Letter


Individual case studies:

—sales catalogues for seasonal product ranges using Typefi Publish, 4-page PDF (approx 2.7MB):

pdfIcon A4 pdfIcon US Letter


Rhino-Rack—product guides for roof racks using Typefi Desktop, 4-page PDF (approx 800KB):

pdfIcon A4 pdfIcon US Letter


Wayne-Dalton—instruction documents for garage door systems using Typefi Publish, 4-page PDF (approx 1MB):

pdfIcon A4 pdfIcon US Letter