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Typefi AutoFit

Typefi® AutoFit, previously only available as a core component of Typefi Publish, is a free plug-in for Adobe InDesign.

Typefi AutoFit enables ‘soft-bottom’ text frames—frames that automatically expand or shrink to fit their content—and dynamic relationships between InDesign objects. With soft-bottom text frames and AutoFit object relationships, designers can build complex dependencies and intelligence directly into their layouts.

The free version of Typefi AutoFit enables designers and production artists to achieve complex layouts more quickly and with less work thanks to its automatic resizing of text frames, balancing of text across multiple columns, and dynamic object relationships. As an example, an AutoFit-enabled text frame can automatically adjust both its own height and the height of an associated vertical rule, dynamically and in real-time.

‘‘This is very exciting. The ability to create relationships between separate objects on the page is something I’ve wanted for years,’’ said Dave Blatner.

Listen to Dave Blatner’s InDesignSecrets podcast mentioning Typefi AutoFit

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Get TypefiAutoFit download buttonTypefi AutoFit is a free plug-in for Adobe InDesign.

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