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System Architecture

Schematic diagram showing how the various software components of Typefi Publish fit togetherTypefi Publish has a scalable architecture built on standards-based technology for operation as a stand-alone system or fully integrated with in-house and third-party systems.

Typefi Publish Server

Typefi Publish Server, the project “dashboard”and file repository, is accessed through a browser-based application that supports all standard web browsers. All project assets — content files, image files, user profiles, job logs—are managed and controlled from start to finish using this dashboard, which provides a virtual environment for all users to collaborate on publishing projects. User security features include user-level and project access controls.

Typefi Composition Engine

Typefi Composition Engine is the sophisticated intelligence workhorse behind Typefi Publish. The Engine interprets the content and applies the rules defined in the template, leverages the power of Adobe InDesign Server® to dynamically compose richly-formatted InDesign documents, and outputs the finished file(s) as defined by the job option. This automated composition process moves at phenomenal speed, and is capable of generating thousands of pages per hour.

Typefi Designer

Typefi Designer is a set of plug-ins for Adobe InDesign that is used to prepare document templates for automation. It must be installed on each client machine using Typefi Publish.

A Typefi template is an InDesign document with master pages, page objects, and styles (paragraph, character, object, table styles) to which automation parameters and functionality are applied using Typefi Designer. The template uses a defined structure for automation which includes Typefi Sections, Frames, Fields and Elements.

The Typefi settings are applied within the familiar InDesign user interface using the provided panels and tools — no coding or scripting required. However, if there are more specific, custom user requirements, InDesign scripts can also be used and triggered at certain points during the page composition process to expand the system’s functionality.

Typefi Writer

Typefi Writer is a Microsoft Word add-in that allows content authors and editors to access Typefi Publish within a familiar word-processing environment. It is installed on each client machine that uses Typefi Publish.

Typefi Writer enables the production of fully validated XML content files. The Typefi XML schema is based on the DocBook schema, an XML-based semantic markup language that is one of the most well-established and widely-used schemas in publishing today. The styles that make up the XML are found in the Typefi Style Sheet (TSS) created from the InDesign template using Typefi Designer.

Typefi Writer makes the TSS styles available to the editor through a point-and-click interface, plus keyboard shortcuts for experienced users. It is also used to insert Typefi Sections and Elements, to enter content in Typefi Fields that were defined in the template, to validate the structured content before publishing, and to publish the content from within Word.

Typefi Writer is fully customisable to meet specific customer requirements. It also integrates with other Word add-ins, with a fully-functional API for third-party application development.

Typefi FileManager

Typefi FileManager provides a bridge for sharing project assets between the other client and server components. Typefi FileManager manages the file check-in and check-out processes triggered from within Word or via the web interface.

Scalable architecture

Typefi Publish scales to meet productivity needs. It can reside on one server or scale up with demand to multiple servers for more throughput or in the event of failover. Physical or virtual servers may be used.

Typefi Publish is available in multiple configurations to suit different types of user. Typefi Publish Workgroup is a networked server/client configuration suitable for enterprises with multiple users. Typefi Publish Desktop uses a local server/client set-up for single users. Typefi Cloud is a hosted server solution allowing access over the Internet, with licenses from one user up to an unlimited number of users.


Typefi Publish offers a fully open SOAP and HTTP API that allows third-party applications to connect seamlessly and efficiently. This allows Typefi customers and business partners to create their own connectors and modules to integrate with Typefi Publish modules.