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Typefi Publish — Overview

Graphic showing same content from Word source document being publishing into variety of other formats including print, web, smartphone and tabletTypefi® Publish is software that automates the publishing of content in professional designs for a range of media and formats.

Typefi Publish aligns standard content authoring, editing and storage tools with professional design and composition tools, while keeping these two aspects — content and layout — separate.

The main benefit of this approach is that it makes document production faster, more consistent, and more flexible to meet peaks and troughs in demand. Small — or large — changes in content don’t require manual recomposition, reducing the lag time in generating proofs.

Because the system is based on XML, it ensures that content is both immediately re-usable, able to be repurposed easily, and is “future-proofed” — able to handle new and as yet unknown media formats.

Suitable for all types of content

There is no limit on the type of content that can be produced using Typefi Publish. Our customers use it for company reports, technical manuals, marketing brochures and greeting cards, as well as print books, ebooks and journals.

Publishers of high volumes of similarly structured publications gain the most benefit from Typefi Publish. That’s because repetitive formatting tasks are automated, leaving only the tasks requiring human intelligence and creativity: content writing, editing and selection, and document design.

Where XML meets rich design

Typefi Publish uses an underlying XML architecture to define your content. Publication design is handled by Adobe® InDesign® for most outputs, along with a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for some outputs such as EPUB and HTML. Typefi Publish tells Adobe InDesign how to apply your designs to the XML.

Typefi Publish handles everything that InDesign does. That means if your designers currently use InDesign or equivalent design software, the same designs can be used for Typefi Publish. Design is only limited by the skills and creativity of your designers.

How Typefi Publish fits in an end-to-end publishing system

Typefi Publish is an essential component of a complete end-to-end publishing system.

The software can receive any form of standard input, from Microsoft® Word, Google Docs™ and XML files to content files exported from Excel spreadsheets and content databases.

All industry-standard outputs are supported, whether it’s press-ready PDFs for delivery to your printer and digital warehouse; optimised PDF and HTML files for delivery to your website and email systems; or ebook and accessible PDF or DAISY files for delivery to sales and vendor platforms.

Typefi Publish archives your content in XML, ready for instant or future re-use. The software is easily integrated with existing content databases and content management systems.