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Typefi Publish NLM

Diagram showing XML flowing from Inera eXtyles into Typefi Publish where it is composed into InDesignTypefi® Publish NLM is a single-user version of Typefi Publish that has been fully configured for scholarly journal publishing.

Typefi NLM enables XML content created using products like Inera® eXtyles to be flowed into Adobe® InDesign, dynamically creating professionally-designed and richly-formatted documents, including tables, figures and equations, without compromising quality.

Typefi NLM can be installed and running within your publishing process within a matter of days, providing you with an immediate return on investment. It is available as a desktop or hosted solution on Typefi Cloud, and can be configured with a range of Modules and Extensions for advanced composition needs.

  • Single-source NLM-compliant XML output to a range of formats.
  • Supports tables, math equations, figures and graphics.
  • Automated hyperlinks within PDF and within references with the use of DOI and/or PMID functionality.
  • Multilingual publishing with full Unicode support, Western and Central European spelling and hyphenation, and Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) typography.
  • Available for desktop or cloud.